Personnel includes: Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar); Dave Swarbrick (fiddle).Martin Carthy was in the vanguard of the British folk movement in the late ’60s, and this magnificent compilation of traditional material is drawn from his first six albums from 1965 to 1971. It’s easy to hear why the likes of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, amongst others, have paid musical tribute to his achievements in this field. Carthy’s forte is simple and incisive musical storytelling.Occasionally accompanied by the versatile Dave Swarbrick, this selection ranges from such roadside standards as “Seven Yellow Gypsies” and “The Trees They Do Grow High” to finds as rare and powerful as “The Bloody Gardener.” Also included is a justly famous rendition of “Scarborough Fair,” not to mention the remarkable “The Bold Poachers,” whose superb, nagging accompaniment conveys the listener to its inevitable climax.

Price: Martin Carthy – Collection (CD NEW) Label: Topic (Uk)Format: CDRelease Date: 27 Jul 1999No. of Discs: 1UPC: 714822075022 Album