Effective Video Marketing – Use it to Explode Your Business

Are you using effective video marketing to build your business? If not, you are missing out on a lot of traffic to your website. Video conveys the human element and when people see your videos and opt in to your website, they will be the highest converting leads you will have.

Here are some tips to help you have the most effective video marketing:

1) Give Value – you want to give so much value in the video that even if they do not click on your link, they go away thinking the would have paid for that.

2) Share a Story – like the old adage says, facts tell and stories sell.

3) Do not finish a thought – people are moved by unfinished thought, so they will be compelled to click on your link to complete that open loop.

4) Have a call to action – have this strong to have a great click through rate. Tell people what to do next. Tell them where to visit your website and the name of it and to click on the link on the bottom of this video.

5) Syndicate your videos – for every article, every piece of content, every announcement, make a short video promoting the event or article. Make sure you share it on Twitter and Facebook.

I highly encourage you to incorporate effective video marketing into your business. There are many people who attribute this one element to making a lot of money online and having great success in a shorter period of time. If you take the time to just start, you will definitely notice that you will become much better in a short period of time and become very comfortable in front of the camera.

Let me give you this one tip if you are nervous in front of the camera. Right before you turn on the camera, close your eyes. Think of the best time in your life and just focus on this for about five minutes, until you feel those good feelings. Then turn on the camera and start talking. I promise this will help eliminate any nervousness you may have.

Source by Karen Marrow

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