How To Use StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic

What is StumbleUpon? Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking site that is used by many people around the world. Social bookmarking is a method of bookmarking all your online resources, these can be links to websites that you want to remember.

Once you have created an account you are known as a “stumbler”. You would click the stumble button when you reach a website that you like, or frequently use, to bookmark it. The more “stumbles” a website gets, the more traffic it will receive because of StumbleUpon. Members recommend your site by clicking the “stumble” button. You can also rate these websites with a thumbs up if you like it, or a thumbs down if you do not.

StumbleUpon even has a toolbar that allows you to “surf” through websites that you can rate. You can download this toolbar if you choose but it is not a necessity. On this toolbar you will see a button that allows you to stumble sites.

When you click the “I like it” button, another window will open that allows you to rate the website, this will be stored in the database and once someone with similar interests comes on they will see this.

You can use StumbleUpon ads to generate traffic to any site you are promoting. This is a good way to send traffic to your blog. It only costs 5 cents for each impression or click to advertise on StumbleUpon. All you have to do is pick a website you want to send traffic, there’s no need to write an ad. You can choose your maximum daily spending limit.

In order for you to start advertising you need to click the Discover button, then go to Paid Discovery, then you can choose which plan you want to use. This would be a good way to promote your Website, especially as a new Blogger.

Social bookmarking has recently gained in popularity and has become a good way to increase your popularity as a network marketer. StumbleUpon currently has over 10,000,000 members since May of 2010.

A surefire way to generate traffic is to write “How To” guides or “Lists”, people always want solutions to their problems.

Go and have a good time Stumbling and getting your sites Stumbled. Remember you don’t have to stick with Facebook and Twitter to get your self know in the Network Marketing industry. There are a couple other social bookmarking sites which I will talk about in future articles.

Source by Jacquelyn Astwood

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