Scott Howard’s Tips on Becoming a Highly Paid Public Speaker : Tips on Overcoming the Fear of Speaking, Preparing and Presenting Your Speech and Getting Hired to Speak

Price: $5.95

Attention all Public Speakers who want to get paid for speaking, effectively speak to groups, and even overcome stage fright and fear of speaking. If you’re looking to succeed with public speaking then this interview with public speaking expert, Scott Howard, will help you understand how to become highly paid to speak. Here’s just a sample of the what Scott Howard will cover for you these pages: – What are the skills every public speaker needs?
– What tools help to speak in public?
– Where do speakers waste their time?
– How important is good grammar?
– What about umms and ahhs and such?
– How important are props?
– How to handle a hostile audience
– … and much, MUCH More! Take advantage of this opportunity for Scott to take you by the hand and explain not only how to overcome the fear of speaking but how to prepare and present your speech, and the secrets of getting hired to speak. Most of what you need are instructions and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!” Note this book has been transcribed from a LIVE interview. Get this book NOW and claim the public speaking success you want!

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