Uncovering the Phone Detective Inquiries

What will you do if a prank caller kept on pestering you and your family even at ungodly hours? What will you do if you feel that your spouse is cheating on you? What will you do if you have all those nameless number on your phone? There is only one way to check all these. Subscribe to a reverse phone lookup service on the internet.

You type in reverse phone lookup on your search engine and you get thousands of result. Which one will you choose? Which one are a scam and which one is not? How will you know if you are using a legitimate site or not? First thing that you need to do is to compare different sites. Check on their terms and conditions and FAQs page. You also need to check if their service is free or you would need to pay a minimal fee to subscribe. Do not fear paid sites. Paid reverse phone lookup services are more trusted than free sites. Free phone lookup will usually lead you to a page where you still have to pay to get the information you want. They like to deceive people in thinking that their online site is free and of no cost to you. Yes it’s true. They can give it to you for free but you only get a name and an address the most.

You don’t need them if they will only give you those data. You can easily check that on the white pages or phone directories that your phone carrier gives you. What you need are more background information like addresses, alternate phone numbers, phone owner’s name, line type and previous addresses. Reverse phone lookup sites like Phone Detective can also service you with criminal record searches and background investigations. This is like hiring a private investigator at the comfort of your own home. You just need to click and key in the number and you get the comprehensive report in a few minutes. A fee of less than forty dollars is definitely worth it.

Free reverse phone lookup can only give you limited details. They hook you to the site by advertising their service as free but when you get to their site, it will lead you to their paid registration site and charge you for every search. This is a scam for me. The fact that they cannot be honest enough in advertising is a scam. It would be better for you to choose a paid site that ask for a minimal amount only but can give you all the information you would need. Phone Detective is one such site. By becoming a paid member, you get access to their extensive database and unlimited phone number search.

Reverse phone lookup can be a scam if you will play an innocent victim. Avoid phone detective scam by researching and reading all the fine prints. You need to choose well and ask around if possible. Be careful with flowery words and disguised advertising.

Source by Jacob I King

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