Quick Income Formula Using Advanced Affiliate Marketing : Book 7 of the Make Mone

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*** Bestseller in Web Marketing ***Are You Confused on How to Pick the Best Affiliate Marketing Offers? This Books Shows You How!”Quick Income Formula Using Advanced Affiliate Marketing” is Your Key to Generating Income While Building Your Business! (Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing & Online Business)ClickBank is the “big dog” of affiliate networks – the largest digital products affiliate network on the Internet. Therefore, ClickBank is the best place to find profiitable affiliate products and offers. But how do you know which ones have the potential for success and putting money in your pockets? With the techniques I reveal in this book, you have the tools to research and pick the cream of the ClickBank crop.This small business handbook for entrepreneurs and small business owners covers the metrics used by ClickBank and other affiliate networks, how to pick the best ClickBank affiliate offers, plus how to put together multiple affiliate offers. Included is understanding the metrics used by ClickBank and other affiliate networks – i.e, Gravity, Dollars Earned Per Sale, Future Dollars, Total Dollars, Dollars Earned Per Referral, and Earnings Per Click. As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand what the metrics mean and how to interpret them. In addition, it is important to know how to use metrics to pick the best affiliate offers. For the maximum possible affiliate income, this book also explains how and why you need to put together multiple affiliate offers. The book comes with downloadable a bonus strategic plan for putting into place an advanced affiliate marketing program. Topics CoveredAdvanced Affiliate Marketing MetricsThe Gravity MetriOther ClickBank Metrics Dollars Earned Per SaleFuture DollarsTotal DollarsDollars Earned Per ReferralEarnings Per ClickAffiliate Networks and the Metrics They UsePutting Together Affiliate OffersThis is Book 7 of the widely popular “Make Money Online Entrepreneur Series”This series is carefully designed to give you every building block you need to build a successful online business. All of the guesswork is taken away, and by following this series, you will avoid most of the common mistakes made by new and even experienced online entrepreneurs. All is revealed, nothing is left out!The beauty of this series is that you can pick up any book on whatever topic you need at this moment. Or you can purchase each book as it is released. Or ultimately, you can purchase the entire series in a bundle!However you choose to use the information offered in this and the other books in this series, you will be moving forward with intention and strategy for success in your business.About the AuthorI come with over 20 years of experience building businesses on the Internet. That’s right! I’ve been on the Internet since 1993.I have worked with several hundred businesses, from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, including 3M, Dell, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the University of Texas at Austin, and Hyundai Steel USA. NONE of my books are about making money online by clicking a button. All of that stuff you read online from the “gurus” is total garbage. There is no easy, fast way to make millions. Sorry. If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere for people who will lie to you and take your money. I’m not going to do that.My passion is taking the mystery out of the Internet and explaining in clear, easy-to-understand terms how to make money online. I strive to inspire you and prove to you that you can do it, and show you the exact step-by-step process many others just like you have successfully used.Scroll up and grab your copy today. * * * * * * * * * * * *

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